It's amazing drinking in beautiful places. As a sweet, slow and pleasant drowse sets in, the world around gets more absorbing, which is why people have set up bars in the furthest and most unimaginable corners of the world possible. From bars that lets you watch the Northern Lights to views from a 118 floors up, you can find a drink anywhere if you try hard enough.

Here are some of the most stunning bars from around the world.

1. Northern Lights Bar, Iceland

This bar completely delivers on the name. Located in the midst of a vast expanse of green nothingness, with panes of glass from floor to ceiling, the Northern Lights Bar lets you appreciate the stars and obviously, the Aurora Borealis while knocking back your brew of choice.

2. HR Giger Bar in Gruyères, Switzerland

This bar lets you delve deep into the interior workings of surrealist painting icon HR Giger, legendary for his dark, alien inspired biomechanical artwork. His work was the basis for the creature in the movie 'Alien', and one look around the skeletal frame of this bar is enough to warrant a drink, in the best way possible of course.

3. Ice Bar in Stockholm, Sweden

Not only was this the first ice bar of its kind, it's still probably the best and most highest rated out of all eight (?) ice bars around the world! Everything inside is made of ice sourced from the Torne River, and the temperature maintains a chilly -5 degrees. Even the glasses are made of ice, so I'd suggest starting with a brandy.

4. Buza Bar, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hanging on the cliffs right above the seas of Dubrovnik, the Buza Bar has one of the best views in the world. One could argue that the whole of Dubrovnik is ridiculously beautiful, but the Buza, which means 'Hole in the wall', gives you an insane view of the sunset, and you can also go cliff jumping after a cold one if you have the steel for it.

5. Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

Located in a cave system that's 18,000 years old, this sprawling lounge and bar is lit through the inside with candles along the way, making it a surreal, otherworldly setting to eat and drink in.

6. Red Sea Bar And Observatory, Israel

Submerged 20 feet under the Red Sea, this bar is truly one of a kind. It's located in the city of Eliat, and the inside looks like something out of the Dr. Seuss universe. The marine theme and the aquatic surroundings seem like one of the best places to get a little tipsy in. They use soft light and a large number of windows so you can see every little bit of this aquamarine experience without disturbing the surroundings.

7. Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali is pretty close to paradise as is, and the Rock Bar certainly adds to the whole experience. The bar sits on rocks around 50 feet above the ocean, and the enchanting view, sunset torches and perfectly mixed drinks combine to make magic. If you like romance and a nice cocktail, this is your place.

8. TOP Mountain Star, Austria

This stunning glass enclosed bar is platformed 9800 feet up on snowy mountains at the Austrian-Italian border. It looks a place a Bond villain would use as a hideout/casino, and by that I mean it's one of a kind. The panoramic view and just the whole feel of the bar is indescribable.

9. The Clinic Bar, Singapore

This one is in the list because it's a total novelty. This medical themed bar in Singapore has seats shaped like wheelchairs, drinks served through IV drips and waitresses dressed as sexy nurses. Ok, I just made that last bit up, but it's still a pretty crazy place to go to!

10. White Rabbit Restaurant And Bar, Moscow, Russia

Treat yourself to some of the best views of Moscow courtesy the domed glass roof. The 360 degree view, the drinks and even the unusual food definitely affords a visit, and the fact that it's 16 floors up doesn't hurt either!

11. El Floridita, Cuba

At one point Ernest Hemingway's favourite joint, El Floridita offers the most authentic Cuban entertainment experience, with live music, dancing and signature cocktails. In fact, these were the guys who invented Daiquiris!

12. Sunland Pub, South Africa

Another novelty bar on the list, this one has roots that go way back - literally. The pub is located within the hollow of a towering African Baobab tree that's said to be 6000 years old. The space inside is limited, and can only fit a few people, but I bet the bartender has a good time explaining his job to people!

13. Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar, Yunnan, China

This bar gives you an unimaginable view of the mountain peaks close up. The woody, earthy ambience blends perfectly into the surroundings, and considering it's 6000 feet up, you don't really need much more of a reason to tank up and get lost in the vista.

14. Ozone Bar, Hong Kong, China

If you've got vertigo, then give this one a miss. Sitting pretty in the clouds, this bar is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton. It's probably the highest bar in the world, and it has some pretty damn good cocktails too.

15. Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

There's no real deep meaning to the name, it's literally a theme bar based on bicycles. They've made almost everything in the bar, from the seats to the decorations, by recycling old cycles, and the result is a charming, quirky and vibrant.

16. Rick's Cafe, Negril, Jamaica

If it's in Jamaica, you know it's going to be a total party. Rick's overlooks clear blue waters where you can decide to go cliff jumping, or just jump in regularly and swim. The aura and the vibe of the place complement the ambience, and they've got live music to boot!