Jeetu Bhaiya Or Meena? Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Which 'Kota Factory' Character Are You

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The reason Kota Factory has become such a hit with the audience is its relatable story, hilarious dialogues, and of course, the amazing characters.  

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Each character in the show represents the kind of friends, and mentors, that we've all seen in our lives. And if you've been wondering which character are you from the show, then take this quiz and find out:

1. You have an exam tomorrow, but the latest Bond movie has also released and you can't wait to watch it. What do you do?

2. Which drink best describes your personality?

3. Pick a travel destination you'd like to go to with your SO:

4. You stay in a PG. Your mother turns up for a surprise visit and finds a pack of cigarettes in your room. How do you get out of this situation?

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5. Which of the following is your favourite show of 2021?

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6. Pick a school club you'd want to be part of: 

7. What time do you like waking up?

8. You get one Sunday free every week. How do you spend it?

9. What is your go-to snack for midnight cravings?

10. And finally, what is the one subject you hate the most?

Are you ready for the results?


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