With truckloads of movies like Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Star Trek, Parched and Aligarh that are lined up to hit the screens in India this year, going to the movie-hall is definitely a thing that will feature on your social calendar a lot. 

While booking tickets, an argument over the choice of seats can totally divide friends. I mean who does not want to get the best seat in a movie hall! But how would you know which seat is actually the best? It is really difficult to reach a consensus when it comes to identifying the best seat, isn't it?

Here's your guideline to reserving the best seat(s) and having a larger-than-life movie experience:

1. Front seats require you to look up at a painfully uneasy angle for hours at a stretch. It can lead to neck strain.

2. For people who sit towards the back, watching people going to and coming from the restrooms (or moving for any other reason) in the middle of a movie can be annoying.

3. Good luck with the stereo if you are stuck in the corner seat. Apart from an imbalance in the sound, which is irritating enough, you have to deal with mushy neighbours who kill for corner seats.

4. To spot the best seat, what you should keep in mind is the speakers (and the screen of course) in the hall, more than anything else. The best audio spot is 2/3rd from the back and in the centre.

That’s where audio engineers sit to balance the sound out. It is visually comfortable and, oh yes, you will get the full effect of buildings exploding and space crafts whooshing. 

You can watch the full video here:

So the next time your friends argue with you about the best seat, you know who is going to win that round. 

Design: Puneet Gaur